Need some help to rearrange an appointment?

Thank you for choosing to use our webchat support. Our chat opening hours are Monday – Friday 9-5pm.

  • How close to the appointment can I cancel and reschedule?

    The demand on our service is very high and therefore we would appreciate if you were able to give us at least 48 hours’ notice where possible, so we are able to give the appointment slot to someone else.

  • How long do I need to wait for a new assessment appointment?

    There is no waiting list for assessment appointments. We can get you booked in ASAP to our next available appointment.

  • What happens when I reschedule an assessment appointment?

    We will rearrange the appointment for you for a time that is suitable for both you and the service.

  • What happens when I reschedule a treatment appointment?

    If it is your first appointment, an administrator will rearrange the appointment for you for a time that suits you within our service hours.
    If you are mid treatment, we will inform your therapist that you are no longer able to attend the appointment and they will contact you to rearrange.

  • I am feeling better, so should I cancel my appointment?

    Don’t wait until you are feeling your worst before reaching out, or booking an appointment. We offer a range of therapies to suit different needs.

  • What should I do if I no longer require my appointment and would like to be discharged?

    If you no longer want to access the service, please let us know and we can cancel your appointment and discharge you. Following this you can re-refer in the future, should you want access our service again.

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