What is the Gender Pay Gap?


The Gender Pay Gap shows the difference in average pay between women and men, across an entire organisation regardless of their role. This is different to equal pay which requires women and men doing the same role to receive equal pay. All organisations of 250+ employees are legally required to report their Gender Pay Gap each year.

Vita Health Groups Gender Pay Gap is not where we would like it to be, but with such ambitious growth via contract wins and acquisition (where TUPE applies), we have quite the challenge on our hands to positively affect our gap. This doesn’t mean we aren’t trying though.

What are we doing to reduce the gap?


We are educating our managers on what the Gender Pay Gap is and how they can positively influence it


We aim to attract more males into junior positions by using targeted recruitment and diverse interviewing panels

Senior roles

We will attract more females into senior positions via targeted recruitment, internal promotion and diverse interview panels. We pledge to interview at least one female for all senior appointments.


We will continue to work closely with our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) groups, specifically WITA (Women in Vita)

Vita is an award-winning, CQC registered healthcare provider