For any new Clinicians referred to our Network you will receive £150*. Simply make an introduction and we will do the rest!

£150 payable on completion of 50 clinical contacts by the referred candidate

– Current Employees – paid via PAYE

– Existing Network Clinicians – paid by settlement of invoice (separate from
treatment sessions)

Refer a friend now

– If you are directly employed please use the refer a friend function on the ATS

– If you are a network clinician please click on the form to refer a friend

Please note there are some terms and conditions:

– Did Not Attends are not counted towards the 50 clinical contacts.

– Payments to employees are subject to tax and National Insurance.

– The scheme applies to the introduction of Mental Health Network Clinicians only.

– New Mental Health Network Clinicians only, internal referrals do not qualify (i.e. current VHG
employees moving to the Network).

– Receiving individual needs to be substantively employed at the time bonus is due to be paid.
Employed means that the referring individual is not within their notice period.


– Receiving individual needs to be actively Onboarded and accepting referrals at the time bonus is due
to be paid. Actively Onboarded means not subject to any sanctions, Do Not Use lists or cancelled.

– Payment can be made to a single individual only.

– We reserve the right to alter or terminate this scheme at any time


Our Services

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Our Employee Assistance Programme is a cost-effective, strategic workforce tool that enhances employee wellbeing and resilience, impacting positively on productivity, absence, engagement, performance, talent retention, risk management, and business continuity by supporting with those social determinants that can impact upon an individual’s health.

Mental Health Treatment Services

We have a unique insight into our patients’ needs. We consider life and its foibles and concerns from every angle to offer a complete service that benefits you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Mental Health Expert Assessment

A Mental Health Expert Assessment is required for any client entering our occupationally focussed full mental health services. Clients may be referred from our EAP service team or referred directly from Occupational Health or HR professionals.

Vita is an award-winning, CQC registered healthcare provider