Vipasha Mehta

Physiotherapist -  Crystal Palace clinic

Vipasha has graduated from Mumbai, India in early 2019. She practiced in a private MSK clinic for 1.5 years before coming to the UK for Masters. She did her MSc Advanced Physiotherapy from Manchester Metropolitan University (post graduated in early 2022).

She has clear love and passion for MSK Physiotherapy and making people better. She believes in exercise therapy and manual therapy. Patient education is key in having patient’s support and confidence throughout the therapy. Discipline and patience are important parts of life and Physiotherapy. She has worked with a variety of patients ranging from neck and back pain to shoulder, knee, ankle injuries and so on.

Outside work, Vipasha enjoys travelling, meeting friends and socializing, reading, watching movies, and relaxing. Vipasha is based at the Crystal Palace clinic.

Vita is an award-winning, CQC registered healthcare provider