Sophie Compton Carr

Pilates Instructor- Crystal Palace clinic

Having found pilates as the long term solution for a hip injury which contributed to low back pain, Sophie’s enthusiasm for Pilates led her to train as a Body Control Pilates instructor. Once qualified, she gave up her work in management to teach, providing a personal service that is centred on caring for her clients’ individual needs.

She teaches absolute beginners right through to advanced clients, guiding you through the fundamentals of Alignment, Breathing and Centring along the way, this ensures the practice is effective and safe. Her classes will build your body confidence, and improve core strength and mobility. If you also do other forms of exercise, it will help with post workout stiffness and soreness. In mixed ability classes, she will always provide more difficult alternatives, if you require more of a challenge.

Testimonial on Google Review:
“Sophie is a brilliant Pilates teacher! She was able to masterfully tailor our
one-to-one session perfectly for my particular needs, to give me the perfect
balance of challenge and relaxation. She also brings her lovely, kind and genuine
personality to her teaching, meaning I felt really comfortable and taken care of.
Her passion for self care, mental health and her philosophy on mindfully looking
after the body through movement comes through in everything she teaches.
Highly recommended.” Elizabeth Rundell

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