Podiatry and Gait Analysis Gets Better

Our expert Podiatry Team have new kit!  We are excited by our improved service To Help Your Feet Get Better using the latest technology in 3-D and infra-red scanners.

What’s New?

  • Our New RS Force Plate with infra-red scan measures plantar foot pressure distribution (the imprint of your foot on the ground), to further improve our analysis of your foot motion and lower limb bio-mechanical examination (how your body moves from pelvis, hip, knee, leg and foot)
  • Our New 3-D Scanner gives in-depth views of patients feet to provide a specific, tailored prescription for Orthotics
  • Our 2-D Video will film you walking and running (if appropriate), so that we can help improve your movement, advise how to reduce pain and  risk of re-injury, as well as improve your rehabilitation of foot or lower leg pain
  • Your Every Day Orthotics and Sports Specific Running Orthotics are manufactured to fit your specific requirements using the latest technology
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Our expert Podiatry & Nail Surgery Team are recognised by all Health Insurance companies including BUPA, AVIVA, Simply Health, WPA and CIGNA (except AXA PPP).

For more information on Podiatry and Chiropody services or to book your Gait Analysis, please contact our Reception Team:

t: 020 8778 9050
e. enquiries@cppg.co.uk
w. www.cppg.co.uk

Page added: 15/02/2017

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