Free Walking Groups at Crystal Palace & Orpington


Do you want to get fit and active in a friendly, social environment?  Come and join our popular Free Group Walking sessions

Group Walks are led by our Chartered Physiotherapists.

* Each mid-morning walk is 30 mins
* Guided programme advised of 8 weeks with advice on how to continue beyond the programme

Must be booked in advance, please contact our Reception team on 020 8778 9050 or via

Currently available at Crystal Palace and Orpington


Crystal Palace 
– Meet at the Crystal Palace Clinic Reception
– 11:00am – 11.30 noon every Tuesday (from 5 June)
– 8 week programme
– Limited number of spaces
– Must be booked in advance

– Meet at Priory Gardens, High Street, Orpington
– 11:00am – 11.30 noon every Monday (from 4 June)
– 8 week programme
– Limited number of spaces
– Must be booked in advance

Walking is a great way to start doing some exercise! Read more about NHS guidelines on Physical activity for adults and Walking for health.

* Health Benefits * 
.. for your heart, lungs and mind.  Exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of conditions such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  It can also improve mood and wellbeing.

* It’s Free * 

.. so open to everyone and easy to continue!

* Socialise *
.. meet like-minded friends while you get active

* Recommended * 
.. it can help you work towards the recommended guidelines of 30 minutes of exercise 5 times per week

* Motivation * 
.. we provide pedometers to track your progress and help motivation beyond the Programme.

* Advice * 
.. the Physiotherapist leading the group can provide advice if you have any questions, and can help guide you to increase your activity levels outside of the Walking Group.

If you would like further information and to sign-up, please Contact Us on:
020 8778 9050

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