Mental Health Advocacy

The Mental Health Advocacy course is a CPD accredited 2 day course which qualifies for 10 hrs CPD points.

The content is designed to provide employees and managers with all of the skills needed to start a conversation, actively listen, signpost and support the mental wellbeing of their colleagues.

  • Delivered by experienced clinicians that can answer any challenging clinical questions and also draw upon their experience to bring case examples to life.
  • Highly interactive and gamified session with a strong focus on common mental health conditions, eating disorders and suicide.
  • Significant emphasis on how delegates can support their fellow colleagues while maintaining boundaries and looking after their own wellbeing.
  • Delegates have access to a dedicated mental health advocacy helpline after the training: this ensures that should delegates have any questions or concerns while they’re in their new role, they can come to us for dedicated support.
  • This means the people that they’re supporting are more likely to get better support; improve the confidence of the advocates themselves; and help maintain professional boundaries.


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Course delivered by qualified clinicians
Focused on common mental health conditions
Small group sizes mean more interaction
Industry leading prices
Dedicated support helpline
Course content delivered via Slido

Mental Health Advocacy - 2 days

Course description

Vita Health Group’s Mental Health Advocacy webinar provides delegates with the skills and confidence to recognise and positively respond to the signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions and effectively guide a person towards the right support.  Delegates will learn to listen, reassure and react positively even in a crisis situation.  What’s more, they will learn how to spot the things in the workplace that might contribute to mental ill health, understand their boundaries and limitations, and how to look after their own wellbeing when trying to support others.

Topics covered

  • What is mental health; how common are mental health problems; and the impact of Covid-19
  • The stigma of mental health in society and at work and how these need to be challenged.
  • Proactive strategies that can create a positive mental health culture and reduce mental health problems at work
  • Exploring stress and its link with other physical and mental health problems
  • Recognising, understanding and learning how to support someone with stress, depression, anxiety and eating disorders
  • Understanding suicide and self-harm and learning how to risk assess and effectively manage a crisis situation
  • How to start a conversation, empathetically engage with someone and use active listening skills to support someone who may be struggling with their mental health.
  • Strategies to improve empathy and active listening skills
  • Recognising where to signpost people to for additional support
  • Understanding the role and boundaries of being a mental health advocate
  • How to look after your own wellbeing and understanding the strain that supporting others can have on you
  • Several practical case studies to help develop the skills of being a mental health advocate and consolidate learning.


Who should attend

  • This course is suitable for all employees and managers looking to understand and improve their knowledge about mental health and to learn the skills to support someone at work.
  • Delegates must be 16 or older to attend this course and be able to communicate in English.
  • Please be aware that some of the topics covered in this course are sensitive, and some people may find the content distressing, such as suicide or self-harm. If a delegate feels overwhelmed, they may leave the course at any time.  If you are unsure whether yourself or another delegate may be suitable for this course, please contact us before making a booking.



Our course is accredited by CPD UK.  Delegates will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Post course support

Delegates will have access to a dedicated ‘Mental Health Advocacy’ helpline for 2 years after they complete the course.  This is available between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday and provides free 1-1 support and guidance.

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